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  • June 02, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments

    In 2021 KTM launched new 1290 Super adventure – S and R models. New models share only 10% components with an old models and sub frame is completely new. Racks for pre-2021 models cannot be used on 2021+ bikes, bolt pattern is very different. Also, entire rear end is different (angles, shape, seat etc.) so we designed new rear top rack from the blank canvas. We had a lot of time for testing and prototyping and I am very happy with the final product - Perun moto 2021+ KTM 1290 Billet top rack.

    I will get into the design details and features in this blog post. Mind that some details, like fitment of Kriega US-Drypack bags or Mosko moto Reckless 80 bags, will be subject of different blog posts - HERE (Kriega) and HERE (Mosko).

    Fitment, rigidity, weight, future-proofness and stock grab handles support

    As soon as I got the bike, one thing caught my eye. Stock rear rack was placed at an awkward angle, pointing up. I am not questioning KTM designers, but I did not like that. It “opened” the rear end, instead of “closing” it. On the side note, 2021+ 1290 Super Adventure has a beautifully designed tail, with exposed nicely shaped aluminium subframe and stylish rear LED light. Bike with the stock rack is shown below. 

    We solved this as with our 790/890 racks – we milled angled 3D spacer platforms on the underside and angled countersunk holes on the top side.

    This is costly, as we start with 2.2 kg of aluminium and mill it down to less than 1 kg, but result is worth it.

    This method provides very rigid connection and easy installation, as there is no need for angled spacers – rack itself is angled.

    Speaking of rigidity, it is worth noting that thread engagement is generous (14 - 21 mm, depending of the position). Threads are cut into aluminum subframe, so we used entire thread length, for added safety. 

    Perun moto rack sits at the perfect angle and IMO, it fits the bike much nicer than the stock rack. Bike with the Perun moto 2021+ KTM 1290 Billet top rack is shown below. 

    Manufacturing process we use allow us to reduce the weight as much as possible, by removing excess material, without affecting overall strength of the rack. Using this method, we achieved the weight of only 930 grams, less than smaller stock rack. Notice milled pockets on the underside - for weight reduction. 

    Also, on the photo above, notice the number of blind holes on the underside of the rack. On the stock rack, there are several threaded holes for aftermarket luggage that KTM is yet to release. We copied that hole pattern and make these blind holes on the underside. In the future, if some of them are to be used, it will be easy to drill the needed holes using marked pilot holes.

    For added strength and rigidity, there are side flanges on both sides. We use special tooling so there are no bend marks on the rack. As a bonus, flanges provide great tie down points.

    Stock rack sits on the stock grab handles. When grab handles are pulled up, rack supports them. We copied that, and Perun moto rack also sits on the stock grab handles. This greatly reduce the chance of grab handle failure, a common problem on big KTM bikes.

    Quick walkaround shows more details.

    Size and mounting options

    2021 +KTM 1290 Super Adventure is a large bike, so top rack cannot be small.

    But we made it to be proportional and to follow the lines of the bike, so it looks smaller and more compact than it is.

    I guess most riders will leave the grab handles on the bike. But Perun moto rack can be installed without grab handles too.

    Mounted like this, rack sits even closer to the tail, exposing sculpted rear subframe. This position, shown below, is ideal for carrying 20-30 liter roll bags. 

    Again, quick walkaround shows how nice and low rack sits, when it is mounted without stock grab handles. 

    In some cases, it is not ideal that rack sits much below the seat line. For rack-less luggage, it is best that rack is almost flush with the seat. So, Perun moto rack can be mounted without stock grab handles, but in a higher position, so it is flush with the stock seat. This provides ideal platform for super popular Mosko moto Reckless 80 bags. Lower position of the rack is shown below. 

    Top case ready

    I guess that R model will be mostly used with soft luggage, but S model riders will value the following feature - Givi Monokey and SW-Motech top racks can be mounted directly on Perun moto rack. There is no need for intermediary top plates, which add weight and bulk and place top case a bit high. Givi or SW-Motech mounting hardware is bolted to the rack, and top case is sitting directly on the rack. For details, please check Instructions, sections IV or V. 

    Here is how  Givi Trekker Dolomiti 46 liter top case fits.

    And here is SW-Motech Trax 38 liter top case.


    Like on all our racks, there are pre-drilled holes for Rotopax mount. Rotopax mount can be installed in three different positions. Here is how 1 gallon can fits. Larger cans can be fitted too.


    Overall, I am very happy with this rack. New 1290 Super Adventure is a great bike and a worthy successor of already great previous model. I am sure it will be a huge success and I am glad we offer a rack that will further improve versatility and luggage capacity of this bike - Perun moto 2021+ KTM 1290 Billet top rack.