March 29, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Due to its size and pre-drilled holes for Kriega OS-rack loops, our KTM 790/890 Billet rack - Large is a perfect platform for Kriega US-20 or US-30 Drypacks.

In order to mount Kriega OS-rack loops to the rack, remove bespoke Kriega bolt and replace it with M6x20 or M6x25 countersunk bolt. 

Than mount rack loops on the underside, using pre-drilled countersunk holes. Mind that holes marked with orange can be used only if stock grab handles are removed. 

Now you can use Kriega G-hooks to tie down the bags. 

Here is how Kriega US-20 fits. 

And here is how significantly larger Kriega US-30 fits.