June 02, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Kriega makes fantastic bags. Quality if their US-Drypack bags is second to none and they use very convenient mounting system. With g-hook straps and OS-rack loops, bags can be attached or removed from the bike in a second. 

Our new 2021+ KTM 1290 Billet top rack has pre-drilled countersunk holes for Kriega S-Rack loops

There are ten pre-drilled holes for OS-Rack loops, all are marked on the photo below. Mind that holes marked with blue can be used only if rack is installed without stock grab handles. 

In order to mount Kriega OS-rack loops to the rack, remove bespoke Kriega bolt and replace it with M6x20 or M6x25 countersunk bolt. 

Now OS-rack loops can be mounted on the underside of the rack, using M6 countersunk from above. Because of the countersunk holes, entire top surface remains flat. 

Depending on the desired bag orientation, OS-rack loops can be installed in several combinations. 

When rack loops are installed, mounting the bags requires a few seconds - just attach g-hooks straps to the loops protruding the slots and tighten. 

Longitudinally mounted Kriega US-20 bag is shown on the photos below. 

And same bag - Kriega US-20 bag - mounted crossways, shown below.

Larger bag, Kriega US-30 Drypack, fits great too, as shown on the photos below. 

Short walkaround video shows more details.

Of course, smaller US-10 bag can be used too. All combos (US-Combo 30 - 70) fit great too.