September 11, 2023 1 min read 0 Comments

We recently updated the design of the side supports for our Ducati DesertX Top luggage rack. Updated Top luggage rack now seamlessly integrates with Ducati Aux fuel tank or with our Ducati DesertX Side carriers.

Additional benefit of this new design is that now our Top luggage rack easily integrates with Outback Motortek pannier racks for DesertX

Outback pannier racks can be mounted on top of Perun moto Top luggage rack side supports, as shown bellow (rear pannier racks attachment point). 

Since Perun moto side supports are 4 mm thick, it is necessary to use 4 mm thick spacers (or stack of 2 x M8 large washers) between the bike and Outback pannier rack front attachments, as shown below. 

It is also necessary to use same 4 mm spacers (or stack of 2 x M8 large washers) between Outback hoop and rear strut, as shown below. 

For ideal setup, you may need to source 5 mm longer bolts. Since the bolts are standard M6 or M8 bolts, every hardware store has them. 

Installed like this, all fits perfectly, without any unnecessary tension. 

New Side supports can be purchased separately HERE, so owners of Gen1 Top luggage rack can easily upgrade their racks. 

Many thanks to Greg D. for help with this!