Ducati DesertX Side carriers

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Compatibility - fits all Ducati DesertX bikes with stock seat or OEM Rally seat and with the stock silencer or Termignoni silencer. May fit with smaller silencer too, won't fit if bigger silencers are installed.

Doesn't fit with Ducati Aux tank or any pannier racks.  

IMPORTANT - if you have Gen1 Perun moto Top luggage rack, you need updated Side supports. Difference between Gen1 and Gen2 side supports - HERE!


  • Unique and durable mounting system - side supports are made of stainless steel, plates are milled out of 6 mm aluminum alloy with 3D milled angled countersunk holes and billet supports are milled out of high-strength aluminum alloy, placing the plates at a perfect angle and as close to the bike as possible.
  • Mosko moto Aux Pox 4l ready - Aux Pox simply bolts to the Side carrier, all hardware is provided (won't work with 5l Aux Pox!).
  • Kriega US-5 Drypack ready - simple mounting with the Kriega straps and frame mounts (provided with US-5 bags)
  • Giant Loop Possibles pouch ready - slots for easy strapping of this convenient GL bag. 
  • Adjustable L-shaped bracket - 10 mm adjustment for perfect and safe placement of the bags.
  • Stand-off for Mosko moto Rackless 80 or Giant Loop Siskiyou - Aux Pox 4 or Possibles, mounted on the Side carrier, provide a perfect stand-off for larger rack-less systems, while providing valuable space for less used items.
  • Strap-friendly - chamfered, smooth edges - even on stainless steel side rails.
  • Lightweight - less than 1.3 kg, including all mounting hardware.
  • Sold as a pair - LHS and RHS plate and all necessary hardware.
  • All necessary hardware provided - high quality 10.9 zinc coated bolts, safety nuts and washers.
  • High quality powder coat - matte black powder coat (top of the line IGP Duraface powders).


Side carriers with Mosko moto Aux Pox 4l and Reckless 80 - HERE.

Side carriers with Kriega US-Drypack - HERE

Side carriers with Giant Loop Possibles pouch and Siskiyou panniers - HERE.