Cyclops 3600 Lumen LED Headlight module

May 11, 2015 0 Comments

Coming from BMW X-challenge, I found headlight on 690 relatively OK. But since I never rode a bike (nor a car) with LED headlights, I wanted to try it out. I went for Cyclops 3600 Lumen LED Headlight module

This was my first time to buy something from these guys and I can recommend them to everyone - shipping was fast and customer service was great - Darryl answered all my questions quickly and accurately.

As my 2008 KTM 690 Enduro has stock H4 bulb, I ordered H4 base and KTM style connector - there are drop down menus on the page I linked and everything is straightforward. Be careful when ordering - not all 690's have H4 as OEM bulb. Some has ba20d. Darryl explained following - "the ba20d looks like a large round xmas three bulb, if thats the one your bike has, choose the Ba20d base and Ktm connector. If its the H4 (same diameter from front to back) then chose the H4 bulb and H4 base".

This is what I got few days after.

And this was in the box: LED bulb and several bases.

Ok, now to mount it on the bike!

On 690 Enduro it is very easy to remove headlight assembly, two bolts and 4 quick connectors later, this was on the table. 

To remove OEM bulb, just unclip connector, remove rubber boot, unclip fixers and pull the bulb out.


OEM H4 bulb and Cyclops LED. Notice that bases are different. 

Here is H4 base, included in the Cyclops package, next to stock H4 bulb.

To modify LED bulb to fit to 690 headlight assembly, just remove one bolt and carefully pull base that is on LED bulb.


Then just replace base you removed with provided H4 base and bolt it again. You will get this (LED on right, OEM H4 on left).


With H4 base mounted, LED bulb fits right on the place of stock bulb. Make sure you push it all the way down. 


Make sure fixers fit back to grooves.

And here is side view of LED bulb in headlight housing, without rubber boot. 

Stock rubber boot is to tight, so some cutting is required. Make sure to leave enough room for cooling. I never done this before, and by cutting it this way I hope I will achieve good balance between cooling and protection from debris and mud. With screwdriver I am showing hole I made, for connector wire. 


With rubber boot cut, it is easy to pull it back onto headlight housing, over new LED bulb. 


In order to mount headlight housing back on the bike, I needed to make some room under instrument panel. Nothing hard, just rearrange some wires. Since I use Acc1 and Acc2 connectors it is a bit tight, but OK. Notice where I tucked LED connector.


That is all. Overall, very easy and clean install. Only modification required is cutting of rubber boot. With proper rearranging, it is easy to find enough room behind headlight mask for LED bulb. 

I still need to test it. It is marked as "off-road only". 

I wonder will it bother oncoming traffic during daylight. If not, this is viable solution for me, as I ride mostly off road.  I still have need to use tarmac, to reach off road terrain, but I avoid night riding on tarmac.  

I will updated this post as soon as I test it.







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