Ride pictures - April 2015. - Mountains near Valjevo, SRB

June 22, 2015 1 min read 0 Comments

Spring is here, so we went on 2-day ride around Valjevo, SRB. Nice range of mountains and hills, ranging from 600 to 1346 meters, with good network of unpaved roads. 

Me and Oleg, on same bikes - 2008. KTM 690 Enduro's. Both bikes with Touratech pannier rack and Perun moto Luggage racks. Oleg had Extension plate for Perun moto Luggage rack too. Both had 1 gallon Rotopax mounted. I went for Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags, fixed on TT racks using Perun moto Add-on plates, while Oleg was using Kriega Overlander 60 setup. Both of us was carrying tools in Kriega US-5 mounted over gas cap, fixed to Perun moto Luggage rack. This setup was very good, great carrying capacity, nothing to flap around and still lots of space to move on the bike, for gnarly stuff.

My bike and Drina river down bellow.

Still some snow here and there.

Nice forest roads, highway quality tracks.  :)

Creek crossing! 

Riding back towards Belgrade, over Divcibare mounitain.