Husqvarna 701 Luggage rack

Fits all model years. 

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  • Strong and durable design- upper made of 6 mm aluminium sheet (AlMg3 H22 - 5754) and bracket made of 5 mm  aluminium sheet (AlMg3 H22 - 5754).
Extension plate for Husqvarna 701 Luggage rack is available HERE.

Photos on the bike HERE.

Short video here.

Some luggage options here.


Perun moto Husqvarna 701 Luggage rack with Vanasche Motorsport (former Shift manufacturing) pannier racks - HERE.


Instructions - HERE


Build details - HERE
Special thanks to Didado from Advrider and all folks in Husqvarna 701 Advrider thread
This rack was designed to carry smaller soft luggage and/or 1 gallon Rotopax container and/or to be used as strapping platform for rack-less bags. It can carry as much weight as mounting points (threaded inserts in the plastic tank) can endure, so it is not recommended putting more then few kilograms to the back. In case of really, really, really rough riding (high speeds over very bumpy terrain) it is recommended to secure luggage carried at the rack in a way to minimize bouncing.
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