by Nikola Maletić January 06, 2018 3 min read

We had some time around holidays so we decided to document few luggage setups that we used in past few years on KTM 690 Enduro.

Here is usual stuff fop camping trip, for one rider. Excluding water and food.

Ruler is there just for reference. And no, we don't carry vise with us. Tent is Ferrino Prodigy 3, not the smallest tent in the world, but it is easy to set up and fold and it's very comfortable. Clothes for several days of camping - in larger yellow dry bag. Socks x 5, boxers x 5, active long sleeve shirts x 3, active long-johns, one medium layer active long sleeve shirt and one thin fleece jacket. Sneakers and Sealskinz socksare in smaller yellow dry bag. One front and one rear inner tube are in camo dry bag. Cooking gear is in light blue dry bag - stove, gas, cooking pot and cutlery. Also sponge and some detergent. Not shown here is one liter bottle with spare motor oil. 

First we tried proven setup once more - Touratech pannier racks, Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags, Perun moto Side rack plates, Luggage rack and Extension plate. Here is how that looks on the bike.

Wolfman claims these bags have 18 liters per side plus additional 2 liters if extra tall opening is used fully and that seems true. We used extra tall opening and there was enough space to fold closure three times. That is enough to keep water out, as these bags are waterproof (many times tested). We still pack our stuff in dry bags, so we can separate clean from dirty clothes etc. Luggage is divided so weight is equally distributed and heavier stuff is at the bottom, as usual.

Tent is at the top, which is convenient if you need to pack it while it is still wet.

Notice Nano tool tube bolted to the inner side of pannier rack, below silencer - tire irons and Enduro Star Trail stand fit there perfectly, lowering the mass even more. Next, notice standard Tool tube on the opposite side, perfect place for spare engine oil. We were looking for a way to carry spare oil separately from rest of the stuff for long time and this is perfect. Both tool tubes are bolted onto Side rack plates. Side rack plates are supporting saddle bags as well and this setup proved to be very durable and secure.  

Except straps, there is nothing on the seat, so steep downhills are not a problem, there is enough room for rider to achieve perfect body position. 

Refueling is not an issue, since bags are attached to pannier frames too. Rear over-the-seat strap can be disconnected and reconnected easily. 

Although a bit wider than some other bags we use, Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags mounted this way are still more narrow than handlebars. This is fine for everything except gnarliest forest trails. And durability of the bags is tested numerous times and, except one broken plastic buckle (replaced in 2 minutes), everything holds very well. 

It is a pity these bags doesn't come with bottle holder, but additional bottle holster can be bought separately. We will probably get two of these soon. 

It takes some time to remove the bags off the pannier racks, especially if everything is muddy and dirty. But everything in the bags is easily accessible while bags are still on the bike, so there is no need to remove the bags often, unless you need to take them in the hotel room with you or something.

To summarize. 


- very durable and waterproof bags,

- entire seat area is free, making it easy to achieve best riding position in all situations,

- easy refueling,

- easy access to stuff in the bags,

- separate place (tool tubes) for spare oil and tire irons and trail stand. 


- pannier racks are needed, adding few kg's, 

- removing the bags off the pannier racks requires some time and patience, 

- bags are a bit apart from the bike, which may affect handling in some cases,

- no bottle holders on the outside of the bags. 


Nikola Maletić
Nikola Maletić

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