March 26, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Due to it's size and pre-drilled holes for Kriega OS-Rack loops, our KTM 790/890 Billet rack - Small is perfect platform for Kriega OS-6US-10 and US-20 bags and/or Kriega OS-Base.

Kriega OS-Rack loops can be bolted on the underside of the rack, using M6 countersunk bolts, as shown on the photos below. Mind that there is no need to overtighten the bolts. 

These loops than can be used to install one of various Kriega bags. 

Kriega OS-6 bag fits great.

Another, slightly larger option is US-10 bag.

Even larger bag can be used, here is US-20 bag.

Kriega OS-Rack loops, mounted like this, are very useful as tie down point for  Kriega OS-Base ("standard" OS-Base shown here).