December 05, 2016 2 min read

UPDATES on the bottom of the post!
In late 2016 KTM/Husky changed air box design for Husqvarna 701 Enduro. 
Part number of "old" air box, shared between KTM 690 Enduro and first Husqvarna 701's is 76506003244. New air box is 76506003344.
New air box should hopefully solve some issues of old one, but it is a bit wider. Because of new width, there is not enough room for head of M8x25 bolt used in Perun moto Subframe reinforcement kit - bolt that is bolted from the inside of the frame, into Perun moto custom bolts cap (upper assembly). 
Since new air box is wider, bolt head rubs against air box, causing nasty scars.
Inline image 2
Of course, that is not acceptable, and I will try to sort it out. 
M8 hex head bolt is chosen in the first place because bolt head is approx. 5.5 mm high. Head of standard allen bolt is 7.6-8 mm, while low allen bolt head is approx. 5 mm high (for M8 bolt). Only bolt with lower head is button head bolt.
So, easiest solution would be to change M8x25 hex head bolt for M8x25 button head bolt. I already sent few bolts to an inmate from Germany, to try it out, since I don't have newer 701 bike around. I should know more in next few days. 
As soon as I get new info, I will update this post. 
UPDATE - DECEMBER 11th 2016. 
As we hoped, using button head bolt instead of hex head bolt provides enough clearance for new air box. Folks from USA can source new bolt HERE. It is M8x25 ISO 7380 (button head) bolt in 10.9 or 12.9 quality. Standard metric pitch (1.25). Preferably zinc coated to prevent rust. 
For all who bought Perun moto Subframe reinforcement kit and have issue with bolt head hitting an air box, we will send replacement bolts. Just send us an e-mail.  
From December 15th 2016, new bolts will be included in Perun moto Subframe reinforcement kits. 
Fellow rider John tried new button head bolts on his Husqvarna 701 and he isn't having an issue with air box touching the bolts anymore. 
Here are 'old' bolts. 
Those bolts were touching an air box, causing this. 
And here are new bolts, with lower profile.
Button head bolts aren't rubbing against air box.
Of course, new bolts are provided in all kits now. 
Nikola Maletić
Nikola Maletić

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