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KTM 690 Enduro/SMC Luggage rack - some luggage and Rotopax options

by Nikola Maletić November 16, 2014

Perun moto KTM 690 Enduro/SMC Luggage rackis meant to be used with all kinds of soft luggage, of appropriate size. Also, there are predrilled holes for 1 gallon Rotopax can. Here are some examples of how I use it, you may get some ideas.

Kriega US-5

I usually use it for tools, first aid kit, documents (in upper waterproof pocket) and few snacks.

One way:

Or the other:

And some close ups:

Kriega US-10

Tools, first aid kit, documents, snacks, additional shirt, socks, underpants...

Easy to strap with great Kriega hook system, aluminium hooks pass through slots easily:

Kriega US-10 + US-5

One of my personal favourites. Its hard to believe what fits in 15 litters of capacity. US-5 bag is not tall one, so it doesn't bother me even on hard off-road, when I need to put my but as back as possible on steep downhill.

And although smaller bag is strapped over fuel cap, its very easy to refill gas, it takes 5 seconds to loosen the straps and move small bag out of the way:

1 gallon Rotopax

Just enough to get me safe out of trouble, at least in my (not so big) country.

Here is how Rotopax mount looks, without canister. I don't recommend riding with it, if canister is not attached.

And with 1 gallon canister:

1 gallon Rotopax + US-5

Extra fuel, tools, first aid kit, documents, few snacks. Thanks to its slim design, I don't even notice that US-5 is there.

 And refilling is not a problem:

To be continued...

Nikola Maletić
Nikola Maletić

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