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Side rack plate - Installation Instructions


1. Choose position of clamps, based on pannier rack hoop and according to what you will use Side rack plate for. Different mounting positions are possible. It is preferred that two clamp are on top side, two on bottom and one at each side. 

2. This is proper way to insert clamps - "flat" part is on the inside, so Side rack plate will fit inside the hoop. 

3. Compress each clamp, so it will be easier to install Side rack plate. 

4. Align Side rack plate and secure it with bolts, washers and nuts. Easy way is to secure upper clamps first. 

Washer should be inserted between clamp and nut. 

Don't tighten up bolts and nuts before you align everything. First push Side rack plate to the inside, so it slides inside the hoop. 

5. When you are sure everything is well aligned, tighten up all bolts and nuts. No need to tighten up too much, since safety nuts are used. Just make sure there is no free play between Side rack plate and clamp.

6. After first longer ride, check everything again and tighten up if needed.


Rotopax can be mounted in various positions, it is up to your preference. Bolt Rotopax mount to Side rack plate using proper bolts. 

4. Rotopax container should "sit" tight on the clamp rubber.

Do not ride with just Rotopax mount (without Rotopax container on it). It is 2 minute job to dismount Rotopax mount.