Perun moto Subplate for 790/1X90 Top Luggage rack - Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are same for all bikes (790/1090/1190/1290 Adventure R/S). 

T-handle or screwdriwer TX45 required (with narrow neck, no socket)!

1A. Remove Perun moto KTM 790/1X90 Top Luggage rack, if it is installed. Keep shorter spacers (R20 H=9 mm), you will need it. 

1B. Remove OEM tail rack.

2. Remove OEM grab handles. 

3. Place M6x20 bolts into countersunk holes on one side, as shown.

4. Rotate the rack and place it on flat surface, keeping the bolts in place. 

5. Place one bracket as shown, use provided washers and nuts to secure it loosely. 

6. Before tightening, insert M8 bolts as shown below. Use countersunk washers. Shorter bolts are for rear holes. 

7. Now tighten M6 bolts and nuts. 

8. Repeat for other side. Result should look like this.

9. Place spacers as shown. Shorter spacers to rear holes. 

10. Align everything and tighten all bolts evenly, starting from rear bolts. Use 45 Torx key and insert it through holes on the rack, as shown.

11. Check if everything is aligned and tighten up. Make sure nothing is loose. Recheck the bolts after few hundred kilometers.