KTM 690*/790*/890*/1x90 Bearstand - Installation Instruction

Installation process is same for all bikes (690-MY2019/790/890/1090/1190/1290).

1. Park the bike on the bike stand or secure it against the wall. Make sure it is stable. Clean the OEM foot stand if needed. 

2. Place upper piece as shown on photos below. 

3. Place lower piece as shown on photos. Make sure OEM foot stand is placed in a milled pocket. 

4. Align holes on upper and lower piece and use M4x16 bolts, washers and safety nuts to connect upper and lower piece together. Bolt heads are on the bottom, washer and nut on the top.

There is one shorter M4x12 bolt - that one is for the hole marked with arrow.

Do not over-tight! Be careful not to damage bolt socket. 

6. Tighten all screws, be careful not to over tight!