KTM 690 Enduro/Husqvarna 701 Rear Brake Cylinder Protection - Installation Instructions

1. Remove M8 bolt holding foot peg mount and M6 bolt holding rear brake cylinder. 

2. Place provided spacer into the foot peg mount hole. 

3. Place Rear Brake Cylinder Protection and fix it with provided M8 bolt (use provided washer). Do not tighten yet. 

4. Place provided M6 bolt, washers and nut. Bolt head should be pointed downwards. Make sure Rear Brake Cylinder Protection fits into the groove on foot peg mount. 

6. Torque M6 bolt first, then M8 bolt. M6 has safety nut, no need to torque it insanely. M8 should be torqued to 15 Nm, Loctite 243 can be used. 

7. Done!