KTM 1090/1190 GPS Dashboard Mount - Installation Instruction

Installation process is same for all bikes (1090/1190 Adventure R/S).

1. Unbolt four screws and remove wind screen.

2. Remove two screws holding the dash, marked with orange circles, and one screw holding the plastic fairing, marked with orange arrow. 

3. Insert spacers, as shown on the photo. One on each side.

4. Use provided 5x35 screws to secure Mount to the plastic fairing. Route the wiring, as on the photo, than re-use OEM screws and washers (marked with orange circles) to secure Mount to the dashboard bracket. 

6. Tighten all screws, be careful not to over tight!

7. Bolt Garmin Montana cradle to the Mount. 

8. Mount windscreen back.

Note: when wind screen is in lowest position, there is slight contact between wind screen and upper corners of Montana cradle. This further eliminates vibration off road and prevents Montana from slipping out of the cradle. Some markings will be left on the wind screen. To prevent this, self adhesive rubber tape can be applied to the contact points, onto the wind screen.