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  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro Luggage Rack + Outback Pannier racks GEN2 - Integration kit - Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions for Husqvarna 701 Enduro Luggage rack  + Outback Pannier racks GEN2 - Integration kit.

    Contents of the kit:

    • Billet adapters - LHS + RHS
    • 13/8.2-24 spacer x 4,
    • 20/8.2-13 spacer x 2,
    • M8x70 countersunk bolt x 2,
    • M8x80 countersunk bolt x 2,
    • M6x35 countersunk bolt x 2.

    Perun moto Husqvarna 701 Luggage rack will be mounted on top of current Outback Motortek pannier racks (GEN2). 


    First, install only Outback Motortek pannier racks (without Perun moto rack), following Outback instructions. Check if everything fits nicely. 

    Then, install only Perun moto top Luggage rack (without OM pannier racks), following our Instructions. Check if everything fits nicely. 

    Then, remove both Perun and Outback racks from the bike and proceed according to instructions below. You will need these parts. 

    1. Remove rubber bumpers from the underside of Perun moto rack. Nut is molded into the rubber, so just hold the bumper by hand and use hex socket from above to undo the bolt. 

    2. Put two 13/8.2-24 spacer (from Integration kit) as show on the photos. 

    3. Place LHS OM pannier rack and the appropriate Billet adapter as shown on the photo. Holes should align nicely. Use M8 countersunk bolts to hold everything, just lightly tighten them - M8x80 countersunk is used in the front holes, M8x70 in the rear. 

    4. Insert bolts (with washer) supplied with OM rack, to lower foot peg assembly. Tighten  very lightly, allow some free play for now. 

    5. Do the same on the opposite side. Make sure to place the Billet adapter properly (see the photo above (in paragraph No. 3), with 90 degree angle marked with red). Use the M8 countersunk bolts (supplied with Integration kit) to hold everything in place. Insert OM bolts and washers to the lower foot peg assembly. LHS and RHS side should be the same now. 


    6. Prepare the Perun moto rack, insert the 8 mm spacers supplied with Perun moto rack, between upper and lower part of the rack. As shown below. 

    7. Place the Perun moto rack on top of Billet adapters. If you don't have a helper, try removing two bolts, putting Perun moto rack diagonally and inserting one bolt back, with 3D washer supplied with Perun moto rack. Like shown below. 

    Then remove two bolts holding the pannier racks, hold the pannier rack RHS in place, rotate Perun moto rack and insert remaining bolts, with 3D washers. 

    8. Check if everything fits nicely. Remember, free play should still be everywhere, as no bolt is tighten yet. 

    9. Insert the Outback rear strut, with OM bolts, washers and nuts. Tighten lightly, allow free play for now. 

    10. Now, torque the bolts in the shown order (both sides simultaneously). Order is important. Do not force anything! Do not overtighten the bolts. More than 15 Nm is not needed anywhere. If bolts are misaligned, loosen everything and check again. Or remove everything and repeat allowing more free play in the assembly, before tightening the bolts. 

    11. Use M6x35 countersunk bolts supplied with Integration kit and reinstall Perun moto rubber bumpers on the underside of the rack. Insert 20/8.2-13 spacers supplied with Integration kit between rubber bumpers and the rack. 

    12. Check if everything fits nicely. Check if all bolts are tighten to the spec. 

    13. Make sure to re-tighten all bolts to specs after first ride.