Grab handles for Husqvarna 701 Luggage Rack - Installation Instructions




Contents of the kit:

  • pre-assembled Grab handles L + R,
  • 4 mm thick M8 washers x 4.

These grab handles fit only on Husqvarna 701 with Perun moto Luggage rack.


1. Remove M8x60 countersunk bolts from one side, loosen them on the other side. 


Remove 20/8.2-13 spacers from the same side. 


2. Replace 13 spacers with 9 spacers and insert spacers and Grab handle, as shown. You can use either one, depending on how you prefer them to be mounted - upwards or downwards. Grab handle is above spacers.


3. Re-insert M8x60 countersunk bolt and tighten by hand.


4. Repeat on the other side. 


5. Tighten all four M8x60 bolts to 10-12 Nm. Do not use thread locker! 

6. Make sure to re-tighten to specs after first ride.