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    KTM 690 Enduro Luggage Rack SD (2008-2018)

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    Instructions - HERE.
    Compatibility - fits on all KTM 690 Enduro / SMC-R 2008-2018
    If you need rack for 2019 bike, check HERE!
    • Strong and durable design,much improved over previous version, with upper made of 6 mm aluminium sheet (AlMg3 H22 - 5754) and bracket made of 5 mm  aluminium sheet (AlMg3 H22 - 5754).
    • Strap-friendly, chamfered, smooth edges of the rack and slots.
    • Eighteen slots - strapping points for all kind of soft luggage, tool bags or small roll bags.
    • Easy and seamless integration with rack-less bags (Mosko Moto Reckles 40 and Reckless 80; Kriega Overlander 30; Kriega OS-Base; Altrider Hemisphere Saddlebag; Wolfman Rolie Saddle Bag system, E-12 Saddle Bags, Enduro Daytripper Saddle Bags, Enduro Dry Saddle Bags, Enduro UltraLite Saddle bags; Giant loop saddlebags etc.)
    • Holes for Rotopax mount, for 1 gallon Rotopax fuel or water can.
    • Easy and seamless integration with pannier racks (Touratech pannier racks, KTM pannier rack (part No. 76512920000), Happy Trail pannier rack (it seems Happy trail changed something in their design, please e-mail us for consultation), Wolfman side racks, Tusk pannier racks, Rally Raid side racks, Vanasche motorstports rack - two sets of aluminium spacers are provided - one for rack alone and other for using luggage rack with pannier racks.
    • Perfectly sized - doesn't stick out - less chance to hurt rider in case of fall. In case of need, it is easy to expand capacity of the rack by adding bolt-on Extension plate.
    • Three 8 mm holes for RAM mount (GoPro or other action cameras)t, one on the back and two on the sides.
    • All necessary hardware provided - high quality 10.9 zinc coated bolts and aluminum washers provided.
    • High quality powder coating - matte black.
    • Only 1.3 kg, including all mounting hardware.


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    This rack was designed to carry smaller soft luggage and/or 1 gallon Rotopax container and/or to be used as strapping platform for rack-less bags. It can carry as much weight as mounting points (threaded inserts in the plastic tank) can endure, so it is not recommended putting more then few kilograms to the back. In case of really, really, really rough riding (high speeds over very bumpy terrain) it is recommended to secure luggage carried at the rack in a way to minimize bouncing.