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    April 11, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

    First thing I am adding to the bike is GPS holder, to mount my trusted Garmin Montana onto it.

    I was browsing the forums for best GPS holder for 1090, and I found that SW-Motech's Navi-holder has best reviews. I was also considering Touratech GPS holder, but I found that too many riders complains that it vibrates to much.

    So, SW-Motech it is. Here it is, with Garmin Montana cradle. I wired Montana cradle to switched power supply. 

    l didn't like the look of that hole so, I plugged it with rubber insert. Much cleaner look now, and it will keep some dirt and water out. 

    Overall, I like it. For on-road use it's perfect. 

    Quick release feature is nice, but since Garmin Montana cradle is wired, I have no use for it. When I disconnect upper part of GPS holder from its base, it is still wired to the bike.

    I am a bit concerned that it will vibrate off-road. On 690, I had Montana installed directly on handlebar clamp and it was very secure there, but out of line of sight. This one is perfectly positioned, but I have to see how will it act over bumpy terrain.