March 29, 2021 3 min read 0 Comments

Our "old" Discontinued KTM 790/890/1X90 Top luggage rack was a great success. Over the years, we gathered some new ideas and time for an update has come.

Updates may seem minor, as shape of the rack is almost identical to previous model. Previous rack proved great, so there was no need to change what was good. Basically, we just perfected it and we implemented one new, significant feature. Here is the short overview of the changes.

New features

1. Contours of the rack remained almost the same. New rack is just 10 mm longer, to offer better placement for the top case and even better support for large duffle bags. Now Givi or SW-Motech top cases will sit just a bit more towards the back, so there is more room for the pillion. 

2. For easier placement of the top case mount hardware, there are shallow pockets milled over the appropriate holes. This should ease the installation and narrow the room for error. 

3. And for the better fit of the rubber grommets needed for Givi top cases, there are pockets on the underside of the rack. This way, the thickness of the plate is just perfect for these grommets. 

4. Slot placement also remained the same. We just added four slots on the rear end. These slots will make mounting of Mosko moto Reckless 80 even easier.

5. Countersunk holes, designed for Kriega rack loops, are repositioned and two additional holes are added. This will provide even more options for strapping various Kriega bags. 

6. Main reason for this update is that we are finally able to implement this new feature - countersunk holes for M8 mounting bolts on the upper side and appropriate spacer platforms on the underside are now milled at an angle, relative to the top surface of the rack. Angle suits the bike perfectly, so now we offer two almost identical racks, one for 1X90 bikes (2013-2020) and one for 790/890 bikes.  Racks are 100% same, except for the different mounting angle. 

This means that new rack will sit flush with the stock seat and at the same angle, without the need for the optional Subplate.

This greatly reduces the weight - rack alone weights approx. 1 kg, and just a bit over 1 kg when mounting hardware is included. 

This also means that installation is a breeze, very elegant and with minimal mounting hardware - just four bolts and two spacers (plus four additional spacers if grab handles are removed). 

Same as before, rack can be used with or without stock grab handles. If used with stock grab handles, only two spacers are used in front and no spacers at the rear. Rack fits "into the handles", and creates one compact assembly. It is also worth noting that rack sits very close to the grab handles, so grab handles will be supported by the rack, when they are being pulled up, which should add some strength to the grab handles as leverage will be smaller. 

Also as before, rack can be mounted without stock grab handles. Additional spacers required for this are supplied with each rack, as a part of the standard hardware kit. Since rack is now mounted at an angle, it sits very low and flush with the stock seat. 


At the first glance, price of the rack went up. Price of the previous rack was 129 USD and price of the new rack is 149 USD. 

But there is more to it. 

More than 60% of our customers bought rack and optional Subplate. Price of the Subplate was 29 USD, so price of that combo was 158 USD (129 USD + 29 USD). Now Subplate is not needed, as rack sits low and flush with the seat, without need for extra hardware. 

Next, since rack itself weigh less, shipping price went down - from 32 USD to 27 USD (for EU, USA and Canada). 

The reason for this price increase lies in the manufacturing process. In order to produce rack with angled spacer platforms, we start with 10 mm thick piece of aluminum, weighing approx. 2400 gr. And we remove approx. 1400 gr on CNC Vertical machining center. This may seem like an overkill and it certainly isn't cost effective, but the final result justify it. 

To summarize.

Now we offer two large racks instead of our "old" 790/890/1X90 Top Luggage rack. One is for 790/890 Adventure bikes - KTM 790/890 Billet rack - Large and the other one is for 1X90 (2013-2020) bikes - KTM 1X90 (2013-2020) Billet rack - Large. They are same, except for the different mounting angle. 

And we offer one small and lightweight rack for 790/890 bikes - KTM 790/890 Billet rack - Small