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2019 KTM 690 Enduro R is a bit different than older models, so air box removal procedure is a bit different too. Here is step by step guide on how to remove and reinstall air box, with few tips. We made separate instructions for 2008-2018 bikes - HERE.

Before start, make sure to think of some system to keep track which bolt is removed from where. There is a lot of bolts involved and it is easy to loose track.

A. Removing the air box

1. I suggest putting a bike on the stand, for easier access, but side stand will do too. First, remove the seat.

2. Remove side panels. Side panels are installed without any bolts. First, un-clip the rear clip as shown on first photo. Than pull out front clip (try carefully applying lever with large flat screwdriver), as shown on second photo. And than slide the side panel towards the front. Repeat same on other side.

3. Remove side plastic supports. On the RHS there are three bolts to be removed from the side, shown on photo below. 

On the LHS there are four bolts to be removed. 

And there is one front bolt for each support piece. One for RHS is shown on photo below. 

When all bolts are removed, carefully pull the support pieces out of the clip (again, try carefully applying lever with large flat screwdriver). Same on other side. 

4. Loose the reg/rec by removing two bolts, marked with green on photo bellow. Just leave it dangling on the wires. 

Remove plastic air box bracket (three bolts, marked with yellow). Same on other side. 

5. Remove four little bolts holding the air box, marked on photos bellow (same on both sides). Front bolts are easily accessible through holes on the plastic cover. Front hole on RHS is behind reg/rec.

6. Remove air box lid and air filter. 

7. Cut the plastic tie holding air temp sensor connector and un-clip connector. Move it out of the way. 

8. There are two hose clips holding the air-box rubber boot connected to the throttle body. Pay attention - only one should be loosened (not removed), the one marked in green, closer to the throttle body. Make sure to properly loosen it, so it can slide of throttle body easily. Leave hose clip marked in red, no need to loosen it - leave it as is. 

9. Unplug the hose from the LHS. Take a photo and remember how it was routed!

10. To make more room, remove ECU and battery bracket (remove two bolts and slid it towards the front of the bike). Than remove the battery (first unplug - than +).

11. Lift the rear of the air box, pulling the rubber boot off the throttle body, then twist it and pull it out. It should pop up easily. If not, check paragraph 8 and make sure hose clip is loose enough. 

12. Before removing the air box completely, unplug the hose on the RHS, marked on the photo below. It's upper of the two hoses and it goes all the way to the air box. Also, make sure to take a photo and remember how it is routed. 

 13. Secure throttle body opening with plastic bag or similar, to prevent debris and dirt from entering. 


B. Reinstalling the air box

Basically, just follow the same steps backwards. 

1. Apply some grease on throttle body, so rubber boot slides easily. This makes things much easier as rubber boot will slide onto throttle body much easier. 

2. Remove plastic bag or cloth used to prevent dirt and debris entering throttle body!

3. Position the air box and route hoses on LHS and RHS. Use photos you made earlier and route them same way. 

Hose on the RHS is routed behind the wiring and other hoses. 

4. Position the air box, place the rubber boot onto throttle body and gently tap the air box. Rubber boot should slide on throttle body. 

Tighten hose clip holding the rubber boot onto throttle body. Make sure rubber boot is positioned well, there is no need to tighten it too much. 

5. Reattach air temp sensor connector and secure it with a zip tie. 


6. Reinstall four bolts holding air box in place. Be gentle - they are bolted into rubber cushion elements, so don't over tighten them.

7. Reinstall reg-rec. 

8. Reinstall plastic brackets. 

9. Reinstall air filter and air box lid. Apply some grease on the lip of air filter - that should prevent fine dust from entering the air box. 

Make sure air box lid is secured well and those flanges are inserted into slots on the front of the air box. 

10. Very important - be very, very gentle with two bolts holding air box lid. Tighten them by hand only!

 11. Reinstall battery, battery bracket and ECU. Remember, + than -.

12. Reinstall plastic support and side panels. 

Make sure to place side panels properly. 

Make sure you didn't miss anything. And please let me know if I missed something!









Nikola Maletić
Nikola Maletić

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