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Mosko Moto Reckless 80 is my favorite large soft luggage "system". I have been using it for a while, first on KTM 690 Enduro and now on KTM 1090 Adventure R. While I was very happy with it on 690 (check blog post HERE), I am absolutely impressed with how it fits on 1090. 

KTM 690 is small-ish bike and 80 liters  is moderate volume of luggage to be carried on it and usually not very lightweight. Perun moto KTM 690 Enduro Lugagge rack SD with Extension plate provided better, wider support for Mosko moto base and Heel guards offered perfect spot for strapping, so bags fitted great. Because of the 690's riding position and my riding style, I preferred to have entire seat free, so I didn't used central duffle bag. Set up this way, it was great. But I wasn't using full 80 liters of capacity. 

KTM 1090 Adventure R, on the other hand, is completely different bike. Much larger, bigger, wider and with very different riding position.

1090 foot pegs are positioned more to the middle of the bike than on 690, so I don't need that much extra space behind me (for maneuvering on steep downhills). This means I can mount Mosko moto's base on the pillion seat and carry middle duffle bag. This is good for several reasons - I can carry a lot, since I can mount middle duffle bag; I can add something behind Mosko's, because there is some free space on the back of the luggage rack; mass is more centralized. Also, there is one more benefit of using this kind of soft luggage - side bags acts as perfect "air bags" and no crash bars can provide this level of protection. 

For first few big rides, I used Reckless 80 on more or less stock bike, with OEM luggage rack and passenger foot pegs. Bags worked really well like this, but I saw there was a room for improvement. I felt bags could be mounted in a way to hug the bike better, but I struggled with that. There was always some empty space under Reckless 80's base. Also, strapping points were too away from the bike, so side compartments were pulled to the outside instead towards the bike. 

First thing I did was to design top luggage rack plate, a bit wider than stock (to provide better support to Mosko moto's base) and with nicely placed slots, for strapping. Details about Perun moto 1090/1190/1290 Top Luggage rack plate can be found on one of my previous blog posts - HERE. This improved things, by providing much better strap placement. Also, being a bit longer than stock 1090 luggage rack, new rack provided more room behind the Reckless 80, so I can carry drone bag, spare tires or similar. 

So, on to the next improvement - Lower side bracket. Idea was to design something similar to our 690/701 Heel guards, to replace OEM rear foot peg brackets and to provide better positioned slots for lower straps of rack-less luggage systems. Those strapping points were supposed to be lower and closer to the central line of the bike than OEM part. It took several prototypes to get everything right, with enough clearance related to swing arm and nearby components and with adequate positioning of the slots. But, finally, I am very happy with the outcome. 

Here is my final KTM 1090 Adventure + Mosko moto Reckless 80 setup.

Generally, I found OEM grab handles useful and I like the design, but it makes no sense to use them if Mosko moto's are mounted. Grab handles push side bags away from the bike too much. So, for this setup, I remove them. Off course, I use Perun moto Top Luggage rack and we include OEM grab handles removal kit with every rack. Rack is wide just enough to provide adequate support to the base of the system. 

 Just for the refference, here is how it looks with OEM grab handles.

Rack provides plenty of strapping points, but I use these. Since all edges are very smooth, due to machine chamfering and thick powder coating, straps are safe. And there is room for forward-to-back adjustments. 

And, I use our new Lower side bracket to secure lower Reckless-80 straps.

Since brackets are close to the bike, side compartments hug the bike perfectly. 

Yet, everything is safe, and no danger of bags hitting the swing arm or chain guard. 

Even if Wings never gets too hot, I installed heat shield I got with Mosko moto's. Corner of the side bag compartment is barely touching it, which is OK. 

This way, everything is very tight, secured and narrow. 

With plenty of room on the rack, behind top bag. 

Since layout is clear and everything is thought out, mounting and dismounting of bags really takes just minute or two. 

As with everything, it all comes to personal preferences, but I dare to say this is perfect luggage setup for this bike, for the way I use it (off road camping trips, several days long).

Nikola Maletić
Nikola Maletić

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