February 18, 2016 3 min read

"Old" Perun moto Add-on plates proved its worth during almost two years of production. For more than a year, I am working on new Add-on plates, and work is almost over. Actually, first pre-production batch is cut, chamfered and ready for powder coating. So, here are some pictures and notes.

Production Add-on plates will be powder coated to black. Plate shown here is production prototype, in plain aluminum. 

Plates are made of 4 mm aluminum. All edges are chamfered, to protect luggage straps. High quality hardware is used.

General idea is to make add-on plate that will be bolted onto pannier racks. Pannier racks are (usually) made as carriers for hard cases and don't provide enough support for soft luggage. Also, there is a lot of unused space in that area. Add-on plate can be useful in may ways - as a support for soft luggage, as platform for Rotopax fuel can, as a place to store large tools used rarely (wrench, tyre irons etc.), as a place to mount Tool tube... 

New Perun moto Add-on plates can be mounted on many pannier racks, made of 18 mm tubes and with outer dimensions 350 x 245 mm. That is standard Touratech hoop for pannier racks. As a model, I used Touratech pannier rack, nicely fixed in my shop vise. 

Touratech pannier rack for KTM 690 Enduro

Six high quality stainless steel clamps are used to attach Add-on plate to the hoop. Add-on plate is positioned inside the hoop, so rider can't be hurt in case of fall. There are more than enough holes, so clamps can be positioned in many ways. Best setup is with two clamps on top, two on bottom, and one on each side. Button head bolts are used, so soft luggage is safe. 


There is no chance Add-on plate can move, if properly mounted. Rubber on the clamps is holding Add-on plate firmly in place.

There is so many different uses for Add-on plates and every rider can have different use for them. Here are some of the features. 

Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle bags 

I designed Add-on plates few years ago, as a support for Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle bags I have. These bags are great, very rugged and strong. 

Slots are designed so Wolfman locking sliders can be easily secured. 

Secured this way, these bags will stay in place even on roughest rides.

Kriega bags and rack loops

I have collected more than few Kriega bags, so I designed Add-on plates with those bags in mind too. I know Kriega US range of bags are not designed to be used as pannier bags, but I tried them few times and it worked. Here us US-20 on Add-on plate. 

There are holes for Kriega rack loops. Loops can be attached on the outside or inside of Add-on plate. Many combinations are possible, some simple, some not.

Kriega G-hooks can slide through slots easily. 

All Kriega US bags can be mounted like this. Nice for road trips. 


Add-on plates are perfect platform for Rotopax fuel or water cans.


Here is 1 gallon fuel can. 

Rubber acts as nice cushion. 

There are three more possible positions of Rotopax mount. There is room for small bags or tool rolls next to Rotopax.

Tool brackets

Two stainless steel brackets can secure large tools, not used very often. Great place for large wrench or tire irons. 

Tool tube

Tool tube can be mounted on the inside of Add-on plates. It can be mounted in few different positions and can be combined with other features of Add-on plates. 

Soon, I will make more pictures of new Add-on plates, this time on the bike. 






Nikola Maletić
Nikola Maletić

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