Camping gear - Sleeping bag and Sleeping bag liner

July 28, 2015 0 Comments

Based on internet info and experience I have with winter jackets, shells and middle layers, I was searching for down filled sleeping bag. Mostly I will be using it in mountain areas, late spring to early fall, in temperatures between 0 and 20 Celsius. That is wide temperature range, and I followed advice I was given by experienced mountaineer - I went for sleeping bag according to lowest temperatures we will meet. If sometimes I get hot in it, I will easily open zipper and just use it as a blanket. 

So, when I sorted temperature range, compact packing was next priority. I looked what I could source locally and I went for Millet Alpine LTK 800. Millet web site is not very informative, nor I found reviews on the net, but it looks very well made. Low comfort limit is 0 Celsius. It is filled with 350 grams 80/20 duck down and outer shell is supposedly water repellent.


it is slightly longer then 2 meters. 

It has mummy shape, and I would prefer box shape, so I could have more room for my restless feet, but I couldn't find box shaped bag with these spec, not close to me anyway. Also, I would be happier if it could open from bottom, but I hope that wont be much of an issue. 

Two way zipper could prove useful.

What I really like is how it packs. "Sack" is part of the bag, so I just need to roll the bag, from bottom towards up, and roll it into the sack that is sewn under the hood. Millet calls it Jet Pack System quick compression sack.

Since English is not my native language, picture will explain it better.

Anyway, it packs really small.

Again, pictures don't to it justice - it can be compressed even more. 

Since it was not cheap at all, and I had hard time imagining dirty and sweaty me, sleeping in nice, clean bag, I bought cotton liner for it. Liner goes inside, off course, this is just for photo session purposes.

Update I

On my first ever camping ride, sleeping bag proved well. It was not too cold, lowest temperature was 10 Celsius, and I slept in open bag. I was happy to find out that it was very breathable, and felt light. 

I still would prefer if it was box shape, but it is elastic enough so my feet can 'dance' all night long. Zipper opening could be deeper, but I can put one leg outside easily. At the end, it all comes to getting used to sleep in sleeping bag. 

As expected, it is very easy to pack - it takes just minute or two. Easier then I thought it would be.

So far, I am very happy with this purchase.

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